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On-line Guide: Planning your trip around Annual events

Posted Oct 2018 in Guest Info


Annual events collage.jpg
Annual events

Thousands of visitors land at Nice airport annually for various events including the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes film festival. Flights around these dates are sold at a premium, sometimes a hefty one. For example, as of today (8 months in advance) you can pick up Easyjet flights at the beginning of May for around 30 euros return but move the dates to the 23nd May – 28th May and you won’t get a seat for less than 150 euros – triple the price. You can expect it to triple again closer to the date.

If you’re just a humble holiday guest and not coming for a big event, you may prefer to book slightly earlier or later to avoid these dates, or at least book early. Or you might prefer to get stuck in and join the fun and plan your trip around an event.

These dates are guides; the dates and length tend to shift slightly each year, so do check on-line for exact dates if you might be affected.

Expect high flight prices, and even booked out planes months in advance:

Expect a little bump in the cost of the flight, getting higher as date approaches: