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On-line Guide: Poseidon, Nice

Posted Mar 2020 in Go & Do located in: Etoile


Poseidon in Nice: world-class seafood for less

Keisuke Matsushima didn't relocate from Tokyo to Nice just to make sushi. Instead the Japanese restaurateur won the légion d'honneur, France’s highest order of merit, for adding an Asian precision to classic French cuisine. If you want to blow €100 on Roumégous oysters with shiso sauce, you may head to his original restaurant, the eponymous Keisuke Matsushima.

But if you’re eyeing a two course lunch for €16, his seafood offshoot Poseidon is your meal ticket. On simple tables expect entrées of céviche de fruits de mer, followed by locally sourced fritto misto or grilled sea bass. Dining à la carte, a necessity during the evening service, costs more. Think red mullet atop an unctuous squid ink risotto, or a Marseille-style bouillabaisse with Matsushima’s signature Eastern twist.

As one might expect from a chef who articulates flavours with knife-edge precision, the desserts at Poseidon are as simple as they are tasty and seasonal. Read red fruit tart with a simple verbena sorbet, and coconut nut milk tapioca pudding with green tea sauce. Drinks? That would be an ice-cold glass of Côtes de Provence or an Asahi beer.

17 rue Gubernatis, +33 4 93 85 69 04