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Our Nice apartments lie in the best areas

Nice is a small seaside city and all its main sights are within walking distance of each other. Better still, all of our apartments in Nice are within a 15-minute walk of the beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais. Our two Nice Pebbles offices lie near Place Massena, in the very centre of the city.

All of our Nice apartments are situated in the six central zones of Nice: Massena, Carré d'Or, Musiciens, Etoile, Gambetta, Promenade, the Old Town and Port. All are sun-soaked, safe and extremely pretty! The neighbourhoods all have cafés, bakeries and public transport, and our guide to each area highlights a few special points about each special place.

Nice Old Town

“From morning to evening these colourful streets are alive with café culture and restaurant terraces, as befits the city's principal tourist hotspot…”
Old Town


• Cours Saleya Market
• Palais Lascaris
• Place Rossetti
• Cathédrale Ste-Réparate

From your vacation rental apartment in Vieux Nice
Access in minutes on foot:

• Beach and Prom 1 - 10
• Etoile in 5 - 20
• Carre d’Or in 5 – 15
• The Port in 5 – 15
• Gambetta in 10 - 30
• Musiciens in 20 – 40
• Liberation in 25 – 50
• Magnan in 40 – 60

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station in 5 – 10
• Train station in 20 – 30
• Tram stop Cathedrale V-V or Opera V-V in 1- 10
• Tram stop Massena or Jean Medicin, in 5 - 10

The oh-so-pretty Old Town, known in French as Vieux Nice, is the most authentic neighbourhood in the city. It's also among the best located: our rental apartments in the Old Town are all a few minutes' walk away from the beach, Place Massena and the tramway.

Stretching from the Place Garibaldi and Place Massena to the Cours Saleya and the Promenade des Anglais, this bustling quartier was built by the Italians. They had a penchant for picturesque window shutters, petite piazzas and streets so narrow that you can't drive a car down them (the Old Town is a pedestrian-only zone). From early morning to late evening these colourful streets are alive with café culture, restaurant terraces and open-air bars, as befits the city's principal tourist hotspot. Our holiday rental apartments here really are in the centre of everything!

Old Town
Entertainment in the Old Town starts on the pavement cafés of the Cours Saleya, the quarter's elegant main thoroughfare and home of its daily farmers' market. The place hums with activity, and music comes courtesy of the frequent buskers and musicians, though quality is not guaranteed! In Place St Francois the daily fish market sells fresh catches before sunrise and finishes as the fishmonger's energy levels deplete, suspiciously close to lunchtime.

In the evening, Nice Old Town's atmospheric nightlife moves from alfresco restaurants and wine bars into the handful of pubs and clubs. Many of these, including Wayne's, Ma Nolan's and Shapko Jazz Bar offer live music until the early hours.

For a great way to see Vieux Nice head to the most photographed vantage point – the Colline du Chateau. This hilltop park sits between the Port and the Old Town, and offers stunning panoramic views.

Our holiday rental apartments in Nice Old Town book up fast in both summer and winter. Each apartment is totally unique. Many date from up to 300 years ago, so are as charming and atmospheric as they are weirdly shaped! All have windows looking on to the atmospheric streets below, with shutters to peer through if you're feeling shy.

Old Town
However, the Old Town's charm and ambience may not be for everyone. We'll be honest with you: there are a few downsides to staying in the city's ancient heart. Most apartment blocks do not have lifts and the stairs leading up to the higher floors can be narrow. Common areas of these buildings can be neglected, as apartment co-owners must agree on communal works before they are carried out. And air-conditioning can be hard to come by because permission to install the box outside is seldom granted, lest it spoil the historic and picturesque feel of the Old Town streets. These facts put off very few of our rental guests, but we like to give a clear picture before you arrive.

Finally, this is a residential area is where thousands of people live and work. Stay here and you may hear the garbage collectors rumbling through the narrow streets early in the morning (it lasts 10 minutes at most) or people making their way home from a night out. But if you stay in a holiday rental apartment in the Old Town we promise you will fall in love with its bohemian spirit. Wherever you stay, exploring it should be high on your list of things to do when you visit!

Carré d'Or

“The clue to understanding the area is in the name: Carré d'Or translates as Golden Square…”


• Pedestrian zone
• Designer shopping

From your rental apartment in the Carre d’Or:
Access in minutes on foot:

• Beach and Prom - 1 - 5
• Musiciens in 5 - 20
• Gambetta in 5 - 20
• Etoile in 10 - 30
• Vieux Nice in 15 – 30
• Magnan in 20 – 50
• Liberation in 20 – 40
• The Port in 30 – 40

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station: 10 – 15
• Tram stop Massena: 1–10
• Train station in 10 – 20

Located between Place Massena and the classy Musiciens area, Carré d'Or is one of the most stylish addresses in Nice. Apartments in this affluent residential zone sit a few blocks back from the beach, and bask in bourgeois seclusion. Interspersed between the ritzy buildings are glamorous boutiques and interior design stores, as well as neighbourhood bakeries and fine epiceries.

Getting around Nice from your rental apartment the Carré d'Or is easy. The tramway that runs through Place Massena is a five-minute walk, while the main Nice-Ville train station and Old Town are each a ten-minute stroll away.

The clue to understanding the area is in the name: Carré d'Or translates as Golden Square. Its proximity to the Promenade and Old Town attracts rental guests in search of everything nearby, if not on their actual doorstep. The neighbourhood includes the Zone Piétonne (the long pedestrian-only street called Rue Masséna, set between Place Masséna and Rue de France), Boulevard Victor Hugo and the roads in between including Marechal Joffre, Rue de la Buffa and Alphonse Karr.

Affluent purchasers who don't mind paying a premium snap up properties in the Carré d'Or. Consequently the buildings are generally among the best looked after in Nice. You can expect better common areas than in most other zones and the majority of holiday rental apartments have lifts and air-conditioning.

Carre d'Or
The streets may be cleaner, wider and grander than almost anywhere else in Nice, but they certainly aren't empty! The Niçois lead a communal life, going outside for their daily newspaper and morning coffee, shopping for bread twice a day, and heading out for dinner or drinks most evenings.

All of our rental apartments in the Carré d'Or are close to smart cafés, grocery stores and boulangeries. For a big shop we recommend the two-storey Monoprix supermarket on Avenue Jean Médécin, which is open until 9pm.


“The area we call Nice Etoile includes Jean Médecin High Street and all the streets to the right up that run parallel to the bus station including Rue Giofreddo, Rue de l'Hotel des Postes and Rue Pastorelli.”


• Jean Medicin High Street
• Photographic Theatre
• MAMAC Museum

From your rental apartment in the Etoile:
Access in minutes on foot:

• Beach and Prom - 10 - 15
• Carre d'Or - 5 - 15
• Vieux Nice in 5 – 20
• Gambetta in 10 - 30
• The Port in 25 – 35
• Liberation in 25 – 50
• Magnan in 30 – 50

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station: 5 – 10
• Train station in 15 – 30
• Tram stop Massena & Jean Medecin: 5–10
• Tram stop Cathedrale V-V or Opera V-V in 5 – 15

Etoile area
This area is centrally positioned for all that Nice has to offer and rental apartments here are soon snapped up. The bus station and Old Town can be reached between 5 and 10 minutes. You will be at the beach and Promenade within 10 to 15 minutes and the train station is a 15 minute walk away, or a couple of minutes on the tramway.

Cleaner and less crowded than the Old Town, book your holiday apartment in this area if you like to pop into the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Town but like to come away from it too. It is populated by mouth-watering bakeries and restaurants as well as small boutiques and shops. There are pavement café bars and delis on every street and a choice of four supermarkets. The noise from some of the roads can sometimes be a nuisance but the noise is to be expected in any city centre and the traffic does slow down considerably at night.

Etoile area
The Jean Médecin high street is now serviced by the Nice Tramway which is a perfect way to get around with heavy shopping bags for just one Euro a trip. Here you can find all the high street names such as Zara, H&M, Morgan, Etam, Virgin, and Sephora. There is also a large Monoprix double storey supermarket which is open until 9pm and here you will also find the Étoile Shopping Mall for the girls and the three-storey branch of FNAC for the boys.

A great little pit stop in the day is Emilie's cookies (as scrummy as it sounds) on Rue Alberti. In the early evening, superb wine bars can be found in this area including Cave Wilson and Part des Anges on Rue Gubernatis. You can also find the Nice Pebbles office here at 20 Rue de L'Hotel des Postes.

Place Massena

“Our apartments around Place Massena are an elegant blend of modern and bourgeois older buildings…”
Place Massena

Place Massena boasts some of the most sumptuous rental properties in Nice. This giant pedestrian-only square occupies the geographic heart of the city. Occupying one corner is Galeries Lafayette—the chicest department store in Nice.

Nothing is far away from our rental apartments in Place Massena. Just south of Place Massena is city's 5km-long public beach. Just east lies the Old Town, Nice's principal attraction. Just west are the most stylish stores in Nice, including Chanel, Dior and YSL.

Transport links in the area are also superb. Nice's tramway passes through Place Massena, and heads up the Avenue Jean Médécin shopping street to Nice-Ville train station.

Place Massena and its adjoining Jardin Albert gardens host many an event through the year including the Christmas market, a children's play area during the summer and small festivals throughout the year. Every evening the square comes alive with the bustle of passers by, buskers and giant water fountains.

Our rental apartments in Place Massena area are an elegant blend of modern and bourgeois older buildings. There is a great chance of a building having a lift or air-conditioning in this area: and both are rarities in Nice!

Our rental apartments in Massena and the Promenade area are an elegant blend of modern and bourgeois older buildings. There is a great chance of a building having a lift or air-conditioning in this area: and both are rarities in Nice!

The entire area is filled with pavement cafés, alfresco restaurants and shops. For grocery shopping we recommend the two-storey Monoprix supermarket on Avenue Jean Médécin, which is open until 9pm. The daily food market in the nearby Old Town is also fabulous.


“Avenue Gambetta creates the divide from centre Nice and West Nice.”


• Musée Massena
• Hotel Negresco

From your rental apartment in the Gambetta:
Access in minutes on foot:

• Beach and Prom - 5 - 15
• Musiciens in 5 - 20
• Carre d'Or - 5 - 20
• Magnan in 10 – 30
• Etoile in 15 – 30
• Liberation in 20 - 40
• Vieux Nice in 20 – 40
• The Port in 30 – 40

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station: 20 – 30
• Train station in 10 – 20

Boulevard Gambetta creates the divide from centre Nice and West Nice. Central Nice is boxed in by boulevard Gambetta on the West, avenue Carabacel on its East, avenue Joseph Garnier on the North, and the Promenade des Anglais on its South, with avenue Jean Medecin running directly down the centre.

Hi Beach Gambetta
Starting from the Promenade, Gambetta is a popular beach area for the locals. This is mainly because of its smaller pebbles and a steady descent into the water compared to the larger pebbles and steep descent often found on the beaches nearer to the Old Nice end of the Promenade. It is marginally less crowded than the Old Town area, but not noticeably. Though you may find there is a more mature crowd.

These private beaches also tend to be more family friendly with wading pools and small playgrounds for the kids. Here can also be found the famous Negresco beach and the newest luxury edition, HI Beach, which caters to the health conscious serving bio fruit smoothies and sushi for snacks, while offering English morning Yoga classes, beach massages, and ultra-hip ambient electro music nights.

On the Promenade and Gambetta you will also find the hottest nightclub in town: High Club. With large 100 foot ceilings, dancers, and trendy nightclub goers, there is usually a queue for entry. It will cost 20 euros to get in including a free first drink. Bring photographic ID. There is a private club in the back for guests over 30.

Gambetta area

Boulevard Gambetta is a main road in Nice and consequently busy. The trade off is that there countless shops in the area and its lively and cosmopolitan. You will find plenty of specialty gelato places and yummy bakery and cake shops. One of the more famous ones found directly on Gambetta is Canet. It offers the most delectable sweets and cakes imaginable. There are also plenty of large grocery shops, Intermarché and Casino, being the two largest. Also found here is a narguilé shop (flavored tobaccos) on Gambetta, a luxury tea shop at Route du Téa on rue Rivoli, and the largest English (Original Version) cinema in Nice, Cinema Rialto on the same street. You can also find the newly redone and reopened Museum of Art and History, in the Palais Masséna. Entry is on the Promenade or Rue de France.

The Fleurs area is considered one of the most desirable areas to live for the locals. It is still close to the beach but away from the usual tourist track, and the area enjoys a large park, the Jardin Alsace-Lorraine. With mature roses, fountains, statuettes and a fenced in children’s playground you will find the park packed with locals enjoying their lunch on one of the sunny park benches. It is quite common to find air-conditioning and quiet outside space in our rental apartments on this side of Nice.

At the top of Gambetta runs the edge of the Musicians area, starting at Rue Verdi and the close by Nice Ville Gare SNCF, which easily takes you to either edge of the Cote d’Azur in minutes. You can find Cannes in 25 minutes or Italy in 20 minutes in opposite directions.

Just past the train station area, avenue Thiers, and under the bridge you will see the beautiful gold and turquoise onion of the largest and oldest Russian Orthodox Cathedral outside of Russia. Spend an early afternoon there and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds then take a sneak peek inside for only a few Euros. Further up north is mostly residential with the occasional interesting gem. If you want to explore, try the Bonsai Centre, a plant nursery and florist for orchids and bonsai’s, or practically next door the second hand store, TERRY’S at 96, boulevard Gambetta.

The architecture on Gambetta is quite varied as it runs on an axis bordering many of Nice’s more famous neighborhoods. From the Promenade, you will find the Belle Époque style until you reach les Fleurs area where Belle Époque is mixed with Art Deco. Apartments in this area tend to enjoy more space and therefore private gardens of their own. Check out our one bedroom apartment Boterro for lovely outside space in the comfort of your holiday apartment in Nice. For a two bedroom option, Les Fleurs offers a spacious apartment with balconies off every room overlooking the front and back gardens of the apartments on the ground floor. Alternatively, Le 26 offers a large balcony with a glimpse of the sea.

Promenade des Anglais

“The Promenade’s obvious draw is the sea. All our holiday rental apartments on have sea views and sun-kissed terraces overlooking the water…”
Promenade des Anglais

Nothing symbolises Nice more than the Promenade des Anglais. This 3km-line of south-facing apartments runs along the wide public beach from the Radisson Blu hotel all the way to the Negresco hotel. Just north of here is the Carré d’Or, the city’s ritziest residential zone, and Place Massena, the geographical heart of the city.

The Promenade’s obvious draw is the sea. Guests can hop across to the beach or join the legions of joggers, cyclists and rollerbladers on the pedestrian-only waterside walkway. Needless to say, all our holiday rental apartments on the Promenades des Anglais have sea views and sun-kissed terraces overlooking the bay.

Surprisingly, the Promenade boasts the most modern selection of rental properties in Nice. Apartment blocks range from art deco affairs from the 1950s to contemporary buildings from the 1990s. All have lifts and neat common areas, and most have luxurious parquet floors, high ceilings and, to complete the look, ultra-chic furniture.

The Promenade’s other big bonus is its public transport links. Guest walking out of Nice airport can be checking in to their property ten minutes later. Bus nos. 50, 59, 70 and 94 connect the Promenade with the Old Town and the tramway.

Pavement cafés and restaurant are thinner on the ground than in Nice’s bustling city centre, but local bakers, grocery stores and wine shops proliferate.

Nice Port

“The entire Port is ringed with cafés and restaurants. They range from Michelin-starred brasseries to humble eateries offering mussels and frites to hungry visitors…”
Nice Port


• Gleaming Yachts
• War Memorial
• Church Notre Dame

From your vacation rental apartment at the Port on foot:

• Reach the beach and Promenade in 5 – 10 minutes
• Vieux Nice in 5 - 20
• Carre d’Or in 5 – 15
• Etoile in 10 – 20
• Gambetta in 20 - 40
• Musiciens in 20 – 40
• Liberation in 35 – 60
• Magnan in approx 60

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station in 10 – 25
• Train station in 30 – 50
• Tram stop Garibaldi or Republic in 5- 25

The Port has been one of the most glamorous and exciting areas of Nice for over a century. It's also an area that skilfully manages high-class tourism with age-old customs: multi-million Euro yachts share the harbour with traditional fishing boats.

The entire Port is ringed with cafés and restaurants. They range from Michelin-starred brasseries to humble eateries offering mussels, frites and jugs of wine to hungry visitors. Of the areas in Nice, the Port is a real pedestrian-friendly zone, so it's great for families who want to wander along the quays, and it's ideal for taking an evening stroll (with a cheeky pastis in a pavement café en-route). Our holiday rental apartments in Nice Port are all in prestigious buildings, mostly a block or two back from the waterfront action.

Not only is the Port the easiest place to find a parking space, it's also amazingly well connected. The Old Town and beach are a 10-minute stroll away. The tramway runs through nearby Place Garibaldi, a pedestrian-only piazza, which connects to Nice-Ville train station in around 10 minutes. Guests renting one of our holiday apartments in Nice Port may also jump on a local train from Nice-Riquier station, one of the city's suburban stops. Trains link to every station on the line, from Cannes in the west to Ventimiglia over the Italian border, calling at Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Monaco and Menton en route.

The Port can be divided into four smaller areas, each with its own bakeries, newsagents and petite cafés. The first is the attractive waterfront area that forms a horseshoe around the bay. It consists of three quays (Quai Lunel, Quai Papacino, and Quai des Docks), each lined with family-friendly restaurants. In the centre of the horseshoe sits Place de Ile de Beaute, which is backed up by of a row of neo-classical buildings and the imposing Notre Dame church. The speedy no. 100 bus that calls at Villefranche, Beaulieu and Monaco stops opposite the church every 20 minutes.

The Quartier Segurane lies behind the quays, just west of the Port. It boasts a brilliant collection of antique shops. Prices range from wallet emptying rates to flea market prices. On Rue Segurane, there's a ramp, then steps leading up to the Colline de Chateau hilltop park. This street is also a great shortcut from the Port through to the Old Town or Place Massena.

The Port's third quarter is the area just north of Place de Ile de Beaute, where you will find vibrant shops and tiny restaurants. Its streets include Rue Cassini, Rue Barla, Rue Arson, Rue Lascaris and Rue Delfino. Nice's largest supermarket, Carrefour, is also in this area.

Finally, just east of the Port on the way to Mont Boron, is the most residential area of the Port, around Boulevard Franck Pilatte. Perfect for a morning or evening stroll, this route follows the seashore by way of several cafés, parks and locals-only beaches, which residents of the Port are keen to keep to themselves!


“Musiciens is a great choice if you are happy to be just outside the main hustle and bustle, with the city and its transport right on your doorstep…”


• Jean Médicin High Street
• Hugo Park

Access in minutes on foot:

• Beach and Prom 15 - 30
• Gambetta in 20 – 40
• Etoile in 20 – 40
• Carre d’Or in 20 – 40
• Magnan in 15 – 30
• Liberation in 25 – 50
• Vieux Nice in 25 – 50
• The Port in 40 – 50

Key transport links in minutes on foot:

• Bus station in 25 – 30
• Train station in 5 – 15

The Musiciens area is arguably the smartest residential area of Nice. Exclusive by day and calm by night, it's the preserve of wealthy local families and young professional couples. The bourgeois blocks of buildings are known for their imposing façades, high ceilings and impossibly cute little French elevators!

The central location makes our holiday rental apartments in Musiciens equally popular for tourists and business travellers alike. The beach and Place Massena are a 10-minute walk south. The bustling Old Town are a 20-minute walk east. Five minutes north is the main Nice-Ville rail station, where trains zip to every coastal resort including Cannes, Monaco and Antibes every 30-minutes (and to Paris, Brussels and Milan every hour or so).

And on your doorstep? As you might expect from a prestigious area such as this, there's a good selection of upscale restaurants, smart local cafés, florists and convenience stores close to our rental apartments. The two-storey Monoprix supermarket on Avenue Jean Médécin is a 10-minute walk away.

The principal streets in the Musiciens quarter are named after famous composers, and include Rue Verdi, Rue Rossini, Place Mozart and Rue Offenbach. With head tilted as you wander around this elegant area you can enjoy all the wonderful facades of the belle époque years when Nice brimmed with architectural self-confidence.

Guests at our rental apartments in the Musiciens quarter will find it a peaceful and safe area. There are several underground car parks around, the biggest being Parking Mozart. Residents drive in and out of them in a delicate fashion, they don't honk their horns and block in other drivers: this isn't Marseille! All in all, Musiciens is a great choice if you are happy to be just outside the main hustle and bustle, with the city and its transport right on your doorstep.

Our holiday rental properties in Musiciens are all within walking distance of one of Nice's key tourist attractions: the Cathedrale Russe (the Russian Cathedral). Completed in 1912, this opulent – and still active – place of worship shouldn't be missed. The tiles are from Florence and the icons travelled all the way from Moscow. Inside, it's as atmospheric as they come.

Guests will find most buildings in the Musiciens Quarter to be very well maintained. Most have ornate elevators and entrance halls, and very occasionally a concierge. Inside the apartments, air-conditioning largely depends on whether there is a balcony or back courtyard so the unit can be installed without spoiling the facades of the buildings – an issue that concerns the entire city. Small balconies are common in this area, and since it is quieter, if you like to spend evenings with a bottle of wine on the balcony, our apartments in the Musiciens area present an excellent choice.

And finally, we are often asked whether Nice is a safe city to visit. From all of our travels, we think it is one of the safest cities in Europe, and we really believe that as we choose to live here ourselves. We do not have holiday apartments in any undesirable areas of Nice.

In common with other resorts in Europe, Nice has its share of petty theft, but we do not think any of our guests should feel threatened or in danger. Nice has a relaxed attitude to life and a lot of effort is made by the authorities to keep tourists entertained, happy and welcome.