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Where should I book my holiday rental apartment in Nice?

If the photos and details on our Nice apartment pages haven't yet convinced you, and our areas of Nice descriptions have left you questioning where you should book, the following quiz may help!

We hope that these questions will tempt you into one of our fabulous holiday rental apartments in Nice. Please note that the answers are not definitive: all the areas of Nice are so close to each other, and all our properties are great for tourists and business travellers alike. However we hope that this quiz helps highlight the best bits in each of Nice's neighbourhoods.

Question 1) Which of these statements best describes your ideal holiday week?

a) I want to laze in a pavement café, carry my towel two minutes to the beach and rarely move from the same atmospheric quartier for my entire stay.
b) I want to be in the centre of the city, within walking distance of the Old Town, public transport and shops. I want to visit a new museum, restaurant and park every day.
c) I want to explore the entire Riviera by train, but want my rental apartment to be within walking distance from the Old Town, beach, Place Massena and street markets.

Question 2) Who do you want to share your Niçois neighbourhood with?

a) Musicians, artists, lovers, and authentic local residents of Nice's most bohemian area.
b) High-flying business people, professional couples and guests staying of the classiest hotels that the city has to offer.
c) Lawyers, doctors, art aficionados, and the lady who runs the Chanel store on Rue Paradis

Question 3) What shops do you most want on the doorstep of your holiday rental apartment in Nice?

a) Café, bakery, antiques store, Indian rug emporium, establishment selling traditional French hats, local street market.
b) Café, bakery, Bang & Olufsen, Zara, banks, bookstore, music shop, department store.
c) Café, bakery, MaxMara, Gucci, YSL, one-off boutique, art store, vintage book retailer.

Question 4) Which of these apartments sounds like your ideal rental apartment in Nice?

a) Quirky, atmospheric and typically French. I want a space that tells me that I'm in the buzzing centre of Nice, and I don't mind if it doesn't have an elevator or air-conditioning.
b) Central and modern, with contemporary art on the walls and an Alessi wine bottle opener in the drawer. Whether I'm travelling for business or pleasure, I'd like a holiday rental apartment in Nice that feels like a hip hotel.
c) Something classic, bourgeois or art deco, a place that really makes me feel like I'm in France. I'd love high ceilings, wooden floors, air-conditioning and perhaps a small balcony. And I'd love to rise up to my slice of heaven in a traditional French elevator.

Were your answers…

Mostly a? Although our holiday rental apartments in Massena, Musiciens and Carre d'Or are all hip, comfortable and typically French, you may feel most at home in an apartment in the Old Town or Port. Both areas buzz with street life and authentic local spirit, yet are full of elegant properties that feature all the latest amenities. If you like to have a daily street market on your doorstep, you'll love these two areas.

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Mostly b? All of our apartments are incredibly well located, but our rental properties in Place Massena and along the Promenade des Anglais are as central as they come: all of them, in particular our Place Massena apartments, are close to the train station, beach, Old Town and shops. It you enjoy staying in boutique hotels but prefer the size and convenience of an apartment, these areas are for you.

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Mostly c? Whether you are bon vivant with a taste for French wine, or a business traveller who prefers the convenience of Nice train station, the upscale quartiers of Musiciens and Carré d'Or will suit you equally well. Most of our holiday rental apartments here have a classic French character with bags of style. If you would like to saunter through the boutique-lined streets to the vibrant Old Town—rather than have it literally outside your front door—these two areas will be perfect for you.

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