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On-line Guide: Cinema Mercury

Posted Sep 2018 in Go & Do located in: Old Town, Port


Nice's intimate Cinema Mercury

The Mercury is Nice’s leading cinema for independent, English-language and version originale films. As an independent movie house it has gamely fought off competition from multiplex cinemas like Pathé using its lashings of vintage charm. That means intimate screening rooms. Plus film choice advice from clued-up (and bi-lingual) ticket clerks. But no popcorn or 3-D spectaculars.

The selection at the Mercury veers to the arty, not the action. Think 'La La Land' instead of 'The Expendables 4'. Foreign films highlight Argentine love tales, Korean family dramas and Icelandic noirs with both English- and French-subtitles (or sous-titrée in the local vernacular). Monday screenings are discounted to just €5 - affording viewers change for an extra glass of rosé in the pavement cafés of place Garibaldi out front.

Cinema Mercury, 16 place Garibaldi, mercury.departement06.fr