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On-line Guide: Fête du Citron, Menton

Posted Sep 2018 in Go & Do


Image: www.fete-du-citron.com

Menton scoops the prize for the sunniest town in France. Little wonder its sun-drenched orchards are the epicentre of a world-beating citrus industry. In February 1933, a fruit fair was inaugurated to coincide with peak lemon season. It has grown into an annual citrus carnival offering winter zest to 150,000 visitors. Expect towering kumquat and tangerine sculptures of, among many others, steam trains, ocean liners and the Eiffel Tower.

Each year’s Fête du Citron follows the same juicy rhythm. That means temporary exhibition spaces and fruity processions, plus several night parades complete with fireworks. An online ticket is a must. Rest assured, Menton’s balmy microclimate promises sunshine whenever you visit. A final warning: only a fool would book a local hotel during the Citrus Festival. Take the 30-minute train from Nice to the principal Gare de Menton instead. Not visiting during festival time? The nearby Jardin Val Rahmeh botanical gardens host citrus species from Thailand to Assam.

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