On-line Guide :: Is Nice a safe city?
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On-line Guide: Is Nice a safe city?

Posted Feb 2018 in Guest Info


safety in Nice blog post.jpg
Nice city crime rates

Nice has a very low violent crime rate. As cities go, itís a very safe one, so you can feel safe when walking around during the daytime or evening. Nice knows where itís bread is buttered, and the local authorities work hard to maintain their main source of income Ė tourists.

This said, sadly, petty theft can be a problem. During the summer months with thousands of tourists visiting Nice, pick-pocketing, or opportunist bag or camera grabbing can be a problem, and tourists are targeted. It has been known for tourists to be relieved of their possessions by a cyclist zipping past. Do keep a firm hold of straps, donít leave a bag unattended under a restaurant table (and placing the chair leg through the strap) and zip up compartments of bags. Also, be careful on the beach and leave the Louis Vuitton back at the apartment!

Apartments can be broken into, but in most cases, thieves choose the easy-pickings: the ones not properly secured. So, always:

If you unfortunately find yourself a victim of crime during your stay with us, please visit the police station situated at 1 Avenue Marechal Foch. The station is open 24/7, 7 days a week. Once there, you can fill out an incident form on a computer (English is an option) and then obtain a certificate for your insurance company.

Please note, our company insurance will not cover guestsí belongings. As we ask you to obtain before travel, you will need your own holiday insurance to make any claim.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help with a claim form or if you have any other questions. Please also do keep petty theft and burglary in perspective: we have about ten reported cases a year, which is less than 1% of guests who will be affected by this horrid nuisance, and of this small number, most could have been prevented with our tips above.