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On-line Guide: Going that one step further

Posted Jan 2019 in Muse Mag


learning french step 2 collage.jpg
Bring French into your home

Well done if you’ve taken the time and effort to go to classes and join groups. We bet you’re asking yourself “How am I not fluent yet?!”. Everyone who learns a second language after the age of 10 has been here, but to further your language learning you must go that extra mile and try bringing French into your home. Try having a conversation every day in French in your maison.

Whilst you are cooking or cleaning, listen to some French radio such as Franceinfo or NRJ. A large majority of these stations can be played through a laptop or phone where they discuss news of the moment. Lots of people who have mastered a second language praise listening to news radio stations as a means of learning a language.

TV soaps can help: they are simple and as you get to know the characters you get a head start in guessing their reactions. Try Plus Belle La Vie and their lives in a working-class neighbourhood of Marseille. On some channels it’s on twice a day, so you have another chance to catch a phrase you missed. There’s also over 3,500 episodes, so if you find a box set you can watch from the beginning, and immerse in more ways than one.

You can also watch your favourite movies but with French subtitles, or none. You know what’s going on, so it can be a great tool for intermediate level. Pick up some old DVS on offer whilst you’re staying with us and play them once home. French films give you an excuse to curl up on the sofa all under the guise of language learning.

If you want true French films, here’s a few Pebbles recommendations:

Learning whilst relaxing on a sofa in one of our Nice apartments. Tempting isn’t it? Listening to the radio or watching a French film once or twice a week can make such a difference in your language learning whilst being entertaining at the same time. For our last step on how to master the French language click here.