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On-line Guide: Renting a post box in Nice

Posted May 2019 in Guest Info


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Pick up post

Being abroad shouldn’t mean that you miss out on online purchases or letters from loved-ones – and it doesn’t. Guests staying for more than a couple of weeks often ask us how they can receive parcels and letters whilst living in France. It is not feasible to send post to the letterbox in the building as this needs the building manager and post service approval, and without it, it’s likely your post will go astray. There are a couple of companies in Nice that allow you to rent post-boxes (much like a PO Box in the UK), for a fee. Pebbles also offers a service if guests purchase our post package. Here’s how each works.

Hermetys (34 Rue Gioffredo, Nice)

Hermetys is a commercial agency dedicated to providing addresses for customers, and they offer private post-boxes to rent for 35€ a month (not including tax). It’s a convenient way to collect letters and parcels, and they stay open from 9:30-18:00 Monday-Friday. They do have a website, but it is in French, and it may be easier to open an account by visiting the shop on Rue Gioffredo. Before opening an account for you, you may be asked for documents such as your passport, driving licence, banking statement, and/or proof of address.

Post office - Pay-as-you-go (all post offices)

If you only have a couple of items to receive, it might be worth using the Poste Restante service at the local post office. To use this service, you need to make sure that all items addressed to you are written in the Poste Restante format – the sender simply writes your name on the envelope, followed by the words Poste Restante and the name and postal code of the commune (Nice 06000).

If, like in Nice, there is more than one post office in the locality, then the name of the post office from which you wish to collect from should be stated too.

The cost is €0.95 for letters and €0.48 for newspapers and journals. For parcels it is €4.

La Poste

Most post offices in Nice will also offer a rented post-box service, at around 70 euros a year for the smallest box. Officially, La Poste will only rent to businesses or professionals, but it is worth enquiring inside as they can sometimes be flexible. The closest post office to our French office is located at 18 Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes.

Pebbles Post Office

Pebbles can collect post and parcels for guests for a fee of £30 for 30 days or £60 for 90 days. The office collects letters and parcels (limited to maximum size of a carry-on suitcase) and then emails our guests as the parcels / post arrives ready for pick up from our office. Please go to our packages page to order.