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On-line Guide: Kamogawa, Nice

Posted Aug 2019 in Eats & Drinks located in: Carre d'Or


Japanese restaurant Kamogawa in Nice

Welcome to the most authentic Japanese eatery in Nice. It's a restaurant where pensionable sushi rollers sport neckties, and bow at customers on exit.

If only Instagram had existed when Kamogawa set up shop decades ago. The restaurant would have become an instant hit thanks to its flower-shaped daikon slices and lovingly-arranged toro sashimi. The establishment contains more lacquered serving bowls than the nearby branch of Habitat.

Pricey? Not at lunchtime. From midday, six set menus from 18 include an appetiser, green tea and dessert, plus a selection of grilled salmon or mixed rolls. Pick of the seats are the dining-solo stools. These reside in front of the chefs who take orders in hushed Japanese, before handing over your platter a few moments later.

Dinner is a fine way to break the bank. Bento boxes are the cheapest option from 28. But most sit-down diners order off-piste with wafu-harumaki (Japanese spring rolls), sukiyaki (meats boiled in a pot) or tako sashimi (raw octopus). Only a fool would order a Heineken in place of Asahi beer.

18 rue de la Buffa, Nice