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On-line Guide: Fenocchio, Nice

Posted Sep 2019 in Eats & Drinks located in: Old Town


Fenocchio ice-creams in Nice Old Town

Fenocchio describes itself as a Maitre Glacier, or 'master ice-cream maker'. From its picturesque locale on place Rossetti in Nice Old Town, it has scooped award-winning cones since 1966. Celebrity foodies including David Lebovitz are fans.

The secret of Fenocchio's success lays in their Provençal flavours. From their laboratory in the hill town of La Gaude, they infuse a botanical garden of herbs (violet, verbena, lavender) and ingredients (chestnuts, almonds, pastis) into their 94 menu choices. Other Provençal favourites (pain d'epices, confiture de lait) complete the mix.

A word of warning before you scoop. The scene of teeming tourists leaning over dazzling ice-cream tubs is a pickpocket’s fantasy. Keep one hand on your wallet unless you can claim to be local with a tomato-basil or fleur d'orange order.

The ultimate regional flavour? That would be the County of Nice frozen cake. This iced tower of pine nuts, Grand-Marnier and crystallized mandarin feeds eight.

2 place Rossetti, Nice