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On-line Guide: L’Ane Rouge

Posted Jul 2018 in Eats & Drinks located in: Port


Lane rouge collage.jpg
L’Ane Rouge, Quai des Emmannuels, Nice

L’Ane Rouge
7 quai des deux emmanuels

Almost a Port institution, this restaurant has been Michelin starred for years, and remains so for 2018. It’s also well regarded by Conde Nast traveller’s guide, and others. For a special occasion, this is a gourmet treat, high on flavour with superior presentation. With its port-side location, it’s speciality is of course fish; the John Dory fish in scaled potatoes with diced peppers, olives and anchovy is a pebbles-staff favourite. Chef Michel Devillers is one of the best in the game and never fails to produce new combinations, the menu changes often, largely governed by what’s been caught that day.

Lobsters, soupe de poisson, and the other fish staples will all be on the menu, but don’t worry if you’re not a big fish fan, they also offer some lovely meat dishes such as fillet of beef with red wine sauce and potato gratin, or the Verseni pigeon with honey, coriander and creamed peas.

Although fairly expensive (with mains starting from around 23€) the price certainly reflects the quality. A glass of champagne is currently 14€, a bottle 90€. Even a set menu at lunch can go up to 110€, but don’t worry, it can start at 25€ too.

If you are on a budget, there is the Menu Gourmand (39€) and the Menu Riviera (48€) both offering a reasonable set-menu style choice.

Over the years we’ve heard mainly great things from very many guests. Some have told us this was the highlight of their stay. Just a few have been disappointed, but have eaten at lunch rather than dinner, and at the more budget range. So, our advice is to go when you can push the boat out, for a special dinner to remember.

Open Thursdays 19:30-22:00
Friday – Tuesday 12:15 – 13:45 and 19:30-22:00 (Closed Wednesdays)

L'Ane Rouge Nice web site
Tel: 04 93 89 49 63